About Us

Castle Audi provides the ideal gateway to the media and entertainment industry by providing a platform for all the talents. It allows leading Casting directors and other Opportunity Providers to continuously list their requirements, making it easy for the talented individuals to apply. Talents across all professions in the media industry such as Actor, Model, Dancer, Singer, Fashion Designer, DJ, VJ, RJ, Musician, Photographer, Stand-up Comedian, Voice-over Artist, VFX Expert and Writer, among others can showcase their portfolio on Castle Audi.

One of the unique propositions in this platform is that the opportunity provider can list their requirement with the particular budget they can afford for the particular project. The talents can bid for the respective projects with their expectations and the opportunity provider can choose the best among the bidders based on their credentials, rating, past work, etc. Talents can build their portfolio with their photos, videos and audio files. Individually, they can boost their profile by taking Castle Audi’s exclusive skill tests on their chosen field as well.


Thrives to become an innovative and one stop solution for the casting and the talent search in the media and entertainment industry, thus, enabling the aspiring talents to get the proper opportunity over a click.


To break the barriers for the creative individuals in finding a platform to showcase their talents and to nurture a trusted platform for the leading opportunity providers, where they can find the right talents.