How we work?

We are providing an ideal platform for the media and entertainment industry for both the talented individuals and the opportunity providers so that they can communicate and benefit mutually.

Acting & Modeling

Design your own portfolio with photos & videos and catch the eye of casting professionals. Reach and interact with leading production companies and get your BIG TICKET for the spotlight.

From Hobbies to Limelight

Bathroom singer, photogenic girl, Style icon of the college - Know the trick of making money with your hobbies! The media and entertainment industry are ready to embrace you and we are just providing the gateway for it.

Enter the world of VFX

Do you have the tendency to create jaw-dropping visual effects? Are you that talented individual in the magical field of VFX waiting for the right opportunity? Here is a chance to work for the next big media projects.

Recent Talents

Swipe through the profile of talented individuals registered so far in the Castle Audi’s realm.


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